MRCP Part I Prep Course Dec 2017

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Organized by Dept. of PG Studies / Professional Studies, MMMC & OSLER Academy, Hyderabad

OSLER's Academy, Hyderabad is an Accredited Training Centre by Royal College of Physicians, London. Trainers are MRCP Examiners
Total of 8 Expert External Faculties conducting the course

Date: 1st to 6th December, 2017 [6 days’ course] COURSE FEE RM2300 INCLUSIVE OF GST
Venue: Muar Campus, MMMC
Accommodation: Hostel @RM45 per day (on request ONLY)

For Course related queries, please CONTACT:
Prof. Dato` Sachchithanatham: 014-2309567,
Mrs. Farrawahida: 06-2896662 ext. 1034,