MRCOG Part II Revision Course Leicester

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MRCOG Part II Revision Course Leicester

Course Director – Professor J C Konje

Course Manager _ Mrs Josephine Priestly

The Leicester MRCOG part II course is rated as the best theoretical course for this examination. This highly sort after and extremely popular course is held at the University of Leicester under the directorship of Professor Justin Konje. Of the over 12000 members of the RCOG, just over 1000 have been through this course. It consistently achieves a pass rate of around 70% compared to an overall pass rate of 20-30%.
The course runs over 6 days and consists of a series of well selected lectures delivered by very able and highly qualified faculty, several practice sessions on Single Best Answer (SBA) Questions and Extended Multiple Choice Questions (EMQ). Each day, candidates practice on 50 SBA Questions and 30-50 EMQ questions. There is then a mock examination run precisely like the MRCOG Part II examination (100 SBAs and 100 EMQs). This provides candidates and opportunity to experience the examination atmosphere as well as the stress that comes with the exams. Every single question is discussed by the course Director or an assistant. These discussions are lively and provide fantastic opportunities for interaction and clues on how to read various materials for the examination.
Recently we have introduced sessions that focus on Guidelines – NICE and Green-top, concentrating on SBAs and EMQs. These sessions are extremely popular as they provide candidates with a better understanding of how to get the best from these educational materials.
Those who attend the course have access to where there are free SBAs and EMQs from guidelines for further practice. The various lectures from the course are also available on the website for further revision.
Our experience over the years has been that a significant number of questions appearing in the exams are commonly on the same themes that have been interrogated at the course and candidates find this extremely helpful.
The course is run twice a year- two course over a two-week period with a day’s break between. They are usually over the second and third weeks of January for those sitting the exams in March and the first and second weeks of July for those sitting the exams in September.
Over the last few years of running the course we have produced several Gold medalists reflecting the quality of our course.
We hope that you will consider joining us as you prepare for your exams. Everyone who is entering the MRCOG Part II Examination has about 1:4-1:6 chance of passing but when you come to Leicester your chances of passing increase exponentially to approximately 3:4. Professor Konje’s experience as an examiner, a member of the various examination committees at the RCOG and a passionate teacher gives this course great value for money.
If you would like further information on the course, visit the website and or contact Mrs Josephine Priestly at A registration form is available on where you may find details of the timing of the course and a course calendar.

We look forward to seeing you in Leicester,
Course administration


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