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Dear Colleagues,
Keeping in tandem with the aspiration of the country’s needs and the urgent requirement by the MOH, (below is the extract from the DG’s speech on 9th March 2016)

“Moving forwards, the MOH is mooting a fast-track system to shorten the duration of training for HOs who excel in their training, whereby these exceptional HOs (who have passed part 1/ part A of the Parallel Pathway Membership programs such as MRCP, MRCOG etc.) will have the possibility of a speedier promotion to become Medical Officers in their chosen field, and subsequently be able to pursue their postgraduate training to become specialists in a shorter duration.
Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah
Director-General of Health Malaysia.

Department of Post Graduate & Professional studies, MMMC in addressing the above statement is happy to announce the next MRCP course PART1 (60 hours) will be held in the MUAR campus of MMMC from 21-26th February 2017 in conjunction with OSLER ACADEMY, Hyderabad. Those attending the course have been having a high % of passes.

Refer to this post for more details - MRCP Part 1 Feb 2017
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The Centre of Excellence, MMMC is confident that you (every one of you) too will join in the chorus of passing this info to all those whom you come across so that we can mutually benefit.

Wishing Each and Every One of You a Happy New Year and God Bless You.

Warm Regards
Prof Dato Dr.Sachchi