MRCP advantages for Batch 28 graduates

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Dear Doctors of Batch 28,
From  the Department of  Post Graduate Studies, we wish to inform you regarding the MRCP PART1 course to be held on the 20-25th May 2016. Click Here for more details.
This may concur just prior to your convocation.
There are certainly advantages if you can pass the PART 1 exams such as:
1. A reduction of 8 months from the total housemanship period, which actually means you do only 1 year 4 months for housemanship.
2. On passing the exams you will be placed in the  Medical Unit of choice in General Hospitals to expedite your specialists acquisition.
3. The exams can be taken one year after passing the final MBBS.
4. Those interested may contact Ms. Khalilah or Ms. Angeshwary for clarification
5. Accommodation is available at the hostel at $45/=MR PER DIEM .Rooms –single air conditioned with attach bathroom.
6. Those conducting the courses over a six day period (from 8.00am till 6/7.00 pm) are seasoned Physicians from OSLER  who are conducting the courses  on a regular basis and   are judged as excellence  by participants and carry out courses on a regular basis in Hyderabad with a very high percentage passes.

Warm Regards,
Prof DatoDr.Sachchi

for more information, feel free to contact us for further details.

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